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Community Police Partnering Center

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Would you like to build community in your neighborhood?                                                                     

Would you like to help improve your community?

Would you like to make your neighborhood a safer place to live, work and play?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. The Community Police Partnering Center (Partnering Center) works to build bridges between residents and police. The “Partnering Center” is also a place where residents learn how to work together to fight crime and create safer communities. 

Collaborative Agreement

As part of the healing process after the 2001 riots and civil unrest, the historic Collaborative Agreement established the Community Police Partnering Center (CPOP). The Partnering Center was designed to serve as the CPOP facilitator to help improve community-police relations, to reduce crime and disorder and to foster an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust among community members, including the police. The Partnering Center is now housed at and staffed by employees of the Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio under the leadership of Executive Director Dorothy Smoot. 

The Collaborative Agreement is currently undergoing a refresh. Read more about the history of the Collaborative Agreement HERE:


Our toolbox includes five problem-solving models: CPOP, SARA, Youth Councils, CPTED and Crime Triangle.
Community Problem Oriented-Policing (CPOP) facilitator
SARA Model
Scanning, Analysis, Response and Assessment
Youth Councils
Westwood, East Westwood, Bond Hill, Roselawn, Winton Woods, Walnut Hills & West End
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
Crime Triangle
Crime Triangle (also known as the problem analysis triangle)