TedX Cincinnati

Contributor: Angelica Hardee
I’m a Cleveland native, but Cincinnati became my home after completing my bachelors, masters and doctorate at the University of Cincinnati (UC).
My focus is public health, health policy and global health systems. I’m dedicated to tackling the barriers that keep people from getting the healthcare they deserve.

I’m also passionate about serving this community as the Civic Engagement Chair for the Urban League Young Professionals of Greater Southwestern Ohio (ULYPGSO).  I believe that when we lift up one another, it creates a domino effect of change where we all win. I joined ULYPGSO because I wanted to be learn and grow from young professional like me in different careers and interest areas.

I also grew up with the Urban League being a part of my life, thanks to my mother’s involvement in the Urban League of Greater Cleveland. So, I’ve always known about the League’s commitment to the power of community.

One of the opportunities I’m most excited about is the upcoming TedX Cincinnati Main Stage event. I’m honored to be one of the speakers. I want to keep my exact talking points a bit of a mystery, but here’s a hint: it’s about something precious and why we need to think outside the box to protect it.

Did that pique your interest? I hope so! The TedX Cincinnati Main Stage is May 12 at Memorial Hall. Come hear some amazing speakers and leave inspired, and ready to improve your corner of the world. Tickets available here: