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Submitted by: Jenell Walton

The Urban League is the recipient of a $165,000 grant from Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. The funds will be used to support the renovation of the League's Buford Gaston Sickle Cell building at the corner of Reading and Dana Avenues in Avondale. The project will begin with renovations to the mechanical systems, interior finishes, parking lot repairs and for the addition of smart technology.

The site will become the new Social Innovation Center. The Social Innovation Center is one of the initiatives of ECCI (Economic Community Change Initiative) and will be a collaborative space where the community can gather in the community garden, courtyard and computer INNovation lab to spur and inspire community engagement. We envision the new remodeled space to be a safe place for people to share ideas on how to solve the disparities that remain prevalent in many of our urban communities.

If you’d like to support our work, please contact our development team by email: development@ulgso.org.

Inside the new Social Innovation Center:

· Sickle Cell Awareness Group & Community Health Resource Center

· Community Police Partnering Center

· Financial Opportunity Center

· Suit Yourself Gentlemen’s Clothing Closet

· Economic Community Change Initiative