In The Spotlight

Trenise Stowers
Opportunities at the League helped me launch a new career.

Several years ago I was at a low point in my life. I had lost my job and my car. I accepted a position at a factory to help my family make ends meet. I met a woman at the factory who said, “Ma'am, you don't belong here.” She said, “You need to go over to the Urban League and see this guy name Rocky.” I left work that day and headed over to the Urban League.

From that day, my life changed immensely. I learned that one of my biggest issues was that my resume was in bad shape. Terri Dixon (Advanced Customer-Service Education Program Manager) looked at it and she said here is your problem. She began to critique and create a new resume for me. At the same time, I began the job development process with Rocky Shabazz (Workforce Development Specialist). He called me one day and said he had an opportunity for me to actually be a part of the League but it was through a contract position with AmeriCorps. I prayed about it. The job did not pay a lot of money but Rocky told me to ride it out and things will all work. So I took a leap of faith.

After my one-year contract expired, I was hired as a permanent Urban League employee as the administrative assistant for Ohio SBDC under the direction of Sheila Mixon! I worked with her for five years as her admin and then was promoted to project manager over the workshops for Ohio SBDC. Back in October 2016, I joined the workforce development team under the direction of Kenetra Mathis as the data manager for the Avondale Neighborhood Choice Grant. These new opportunities at the League have helped me to launch a whole new career. This wouldn’t have happened if I had not taken the advice and stopped by the Urban League. I am so happy I did.