Dayton Youth Services


Urban Champions

Not far from the Miami Valley Urban League’s (MVUL) headquarters in Wright Dunbar, the after-school program at Westwood Elementary focuses on violence prevention. Urban Champions uses the PeaceBuilders initiative to set behavioral expectations that reduce aggression and transform a climate that enhances cooperation, productivity and academic achievement. This program is unique. There is not one similar in the Miami Valley that uses virtual mentoring to stay in regular contact with its young charges. Here, mentors use computers to Skype and each student receives a tablet to communicate with their League advisors.

Youth Employment & Training Program

The Youth Employment and Training Program (YETP) is a workforce development program based on our flagship program SOAR, Solid Opportunities for Advancement and Retention. The program focuses on young adults between the ages of 18 and 24. It prepares participants by providing instruction in self-exploration, financial literacy, understanding employer expectations and skills needed for gainful employment. YETP offers job placement and retention assistance and provides a two-week internship and six weeks of subsidized employment. The Youth Employment and Training Program in Montgomery County is designed to increase the skill set of SOAR participants by introducing them to information technology, logistics, customer service, health care and manufacturing employment opportunities.

Midnight Basketball

MVUL answered the call for a safe place for youth and young adults during the summer of 2017 with the launch of its Midnight Basketball league. With what is labeled one of the most likely times for youth to get into trouble, late at night, the Midnight Basketball league provides a safe space for young men to hang out while having fun. Midnight Basketball leagues were really popular in the late 80s and 90s. Resurrecting the league proved to be a big hit with youth in the Miami Valley. All of the games, which are held at the Greater Dayton Recreation Center, are well attended. Players are also able to connect with MVUL staff and learn more about the Urban League’s community services.


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