Urban Leader

Urban Leader Mission

The mission of the Urban Leader Institute program is to create a learning environment where candidates are challenged to explore leadership concepts and insights that will benefit leaders of color at work and in community activities. Through this environment, the program attracts and builds a strong network of effective leaders of color who model the characteristics needed to serve their respective organizations and communities.

Urban Leader Program

The Urban Leader program is designed to appeal to urban leaders. Its purpose is to develop a pool of men and women of color from various backgrounds with interest in, and leadership capacity for, effectively addressing ongoing and emerging corporate and community issues.

During this ten-month program, participants will meet monthly to learn through lectures, discussion and direct experience every major aspect of community life. Issues, from economics and education to criminal justice and cultural diversity will be explored. Participants will also begin to develop working relationships with civic, social, political and community leaders.

To enhance the quality of the presentations, topic experts are used throughout the program to ensure the development of sharpened leadership skills. These speakers are excellent motivators and educators.

Urban Leader Benefits

Personal and professional

▪  Gain a broader and more informed perspective of community issues and their impact upon the quality of life for people of color living in the Greater Cincinnati area

▪  Participate in thought-provoking leadership training and experiential activities

▪  Participate in creative problem solving to improve the lives of individuals in communities of color

▪  Expand personal and professional networks and enhances working relationships

▪  Receive recognition and prestige as a corporate and community leader

For Employers

▪  Generates opportunities to sharpen leadership skills of the employees

▪  Creates highly motivated and challenged employees who are better prepared to go above and beyond their job responsibilities

▪  Improves your corporate image in the community and demonstrates community and corporate involvement

▪  An excellent investment in employee development

▪  Provides an opportunity to showcase the organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion

▪  Provides networking opportunities among companies doing business in the Greater Cincinnati region

To Learn More about Urban Leader Institute email urbanleader@ulgso.org

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