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STEAM Camp Shows Students How Much Fun Learning Can Be

The Urban League’s Summer STEAM program was a huge success. The STEAM philosophy revolves around the concept of Science & Technology interpreted through Engineering & the Arts, all based in Mathematical elements. Students gathered at Woodward Career Technical High School in Bond Hill and took field trips organized by staff and the Outdoor Adventure Club.

STEAM lessons do not require expensive equipment or special classrooms, spaces or equipment. Students took part in a drum class. The students took a field trip to a percussion center where they explored the art of drumming. Going to the rhythm of the drum beat encourages young minds to think creatively.

“We’ve been exposed to different leadership concepts such as using your eyes for information and leadership opportunities such as volunteering in the community,” said student Cazembe Zubari.

Cazembe worked with his summer classmates to shoot and edit a video documenting their experiences. Watch and see just how much fun the students had learning through the STEAM program.  The program is part of the Youth to Work Summer Program