Partnering Center

Youth Councils

Westwood, East Westwood, Bond Hill, Roselawn, Winton Woods, Walnut Hills & West End

The Partnering Center serves as an “incubator” for neighborhood youth councils. We first tested the concept with the Westwood Civic Association which has been operating a youth council since 2017. We have continued our outreach to serve the neighborhoods of West End, Walnut Hills, Winton Hills, and Bond Hill.

Through our start-up program, adult advisors are trained and provided with the framework of what are required to start and maintain a successful council. These include but are not limited to trainings for adults on how to effectively engage youth, trainings for youth on personal development, trauma, drug prevention, as well as job readiness. Through our program, we build in a unique summer youth employment opportunity for youth council members to work in the community they live in.

Adult advisors and youth council members work together to identify service projects and partner with local businesses and organizations willing to hire a young person for the summer. In return, the employer not only gets an employee, but has an opportunity to build relationships with young people in the community. Young people feel more connected to the neighborhood they live in. Members of youth councils also have the opportunity to bring attention to and advocate for issues that are important to them through working on service learning projects. Service projects can be public service announcements, events, marches or other creative programs and projects that engage and educate youth.

Our inspiration comes from the Avondale Youth Council. It was formed in 2006 as a problem solving response by the Avondale Community Council with the support of the Partnering Center. It started with a simple goal of getting kids off the street and has since become a model for best practice in youth engagement.

Benefits of youth councils:

Employment opportunities for youth
More young people off the streets
Youth build leadership skill and experience
Youth have more access to opportunities because of affiliation

Ways to get involved

Refer or direct a young person to an existing youth council
Start a youth council in your neighborhood
Join the adult support team of an existing youth council
Serve as a guest presenter by leading activities

If you’re looking to create a community that encourages youth to become involved, or you are a young person looking for an opportunity to voice your opinion and make a difference, we’d like to hear from you. Contact the Partnering Center at or call (513) 559-5450 to get started.