Urban Leader Institute Accepting Applications

Submitted by Jenell Walton

Be the leader your community needs. Urban Leader is a 10-month leadership program for professionals who want to tackle urban challenges and help guide the future of urban development.

Personal and professional:

▪  Gain a broader and more informed perspective of community issues and their impact upon the quality of life for people of color living in the Greater Cincinnati area

▪  Participate in thought-provoking leadership training and experiential activities

▪  Participate in creative problem solving to improve the lives of individuals in communities of color

▪  Expand personal and professional networks and enhances working relationships

▪  Receive recognition and prestige as a corporate and community leader

For Employers:

▪  Generates opportunities to sharpen leadership skills of the employees

▪  Creates highly motivated and challenged employees who are better prepared to go above and beyond their job responsibilities

▪  Improves your corporate image in the community and demonstrates community and corporate involvement

▪  An excellent investment in employee development

▪  Provides an opportunity to showcase the organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion

▪  Provides networking opportunities among companies doing business in the Greater Cincinnati region

To Learn Apply download the Urban Leader Institute Application 2018-2019 or email