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The State of Black Cincinnati and Dayton

By Jenell Walton

The Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio (ULGSO) commissioned civic, housing, criminal justice, economic, social justice, and health experts to present their findings on conditions for African-Americans in Cincinnati and Dayton.
The State of Black Cincinnati: Two Cities shows the stark disparities faced by African-Americans in Cincinnati and Hamilton County. African-Americans have higher rates of infant mortality, preventable-yet-often-fatal diseases and incarceration, but lower rates of home ownership, high school graduation, private health insurance, and employment than white residents.

The story of Black Dayton is a story of a once thriving community that welcomed and assimilated African-Americans to help fuel its growing need for workers. At one time, African-Americans found within the borders of Dayton OPPORTUNITY. From the 1930s through the 1970s, manufacturing jobs were plentiful. Pummeled with recessions, business failures and company relocations, the City now finds itself under siege. African-Americans have been hardest hit. It will require the efforts of the whole community to address the issues that have been outlined. We need the help and support of businesses, banks, non-profit organizations, philanthropic groups, government, local, state and national officials to move the needle in a positive direction.