The Urban Champions Youth Program is dedicated to equipping young people aged 14-19 with career awareness, exposure, and development.

Youth Programming 

The Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio (ULGSO) is at the forefront of addressing Cincinnati youth's unique challenges through innovative and impactful programming. We are here to provide youth with skills and tools based on needs we know are crucial for our community.

What We Believe Youth Need



Advocacy is essential in bridging the opportunity gap that many young people in Cincinnati experience. Disparities in education, access to resources, and economic inequality can hinder potential. We advocate for equitable opportunities, ensuring that every young person has a chance to succeed.


Enhanced Education

ULGSO’s initiatives and advocacy play a pivotal role in enhancing education. We strive to not only help students achieve better grades but also instill a love for learning, community, and a sense of achievement, preparing them for success in education and beyond.

Social Development


We believe in the holistic development of young individuals, promoting social and emotional well-being. Through mentorship, leadership training, and community service, youth learn valuable life skills and resilience.

Register for the Youth Summit

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We host a city-wide Youth Summit each year, led by youth for youth. This event gives youth a platform to share their voice on topics like youth violence, police brutality, advocacy, and leadership. Participants can explore career options, community service needs, civic engagement, and personal strength development.

Summer Youth Employment

For Youth

We offer a summer employment program for young people interested in learning more about responsibility and career readiness open to youth aged 14-19. Applications can be submitted for 2025 using the button below.

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For Employers

Employers can also get involved by providing meaningful work experiences for youth. The program will employ young people for 20 hours per week, for a total of 160 hours, and provide a financial stipend. Employers can apply below.

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